Match Making

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Match Making

Let’s discuss some of the important aspects an astrologer should analyze before predicting a good match between two persons on the basis of Astrology. But first, let’s have a look at a couple of popular methods adopted for Match Making or Compatibility check in the western countries and India.

Starting with the West, Sun Signs are given a great importance in the west when it comes to match making or compatibility check. The concept of compatibility on the basis of Sun Signs has become so popular in the west that even common people are found talking about it and asking questions about it. Like I’m a Leo, Am I compatible with a Virgo? Are Capricorns a good match for Geminis or not? Males with which Sun Sign are the best and Males with which Sun Sign are the worst and likewise which Sun Sign females are the best and which one are the worst. So much talk about compatibility and only the placement of Sun is considered or sometimes the placement of Venus is also considered. And many people believing in this theory only depend on some set dates of every month to predict the Sun Sign of a person and do not actually bother to take a look at the horoscope and check whether the Sun is placed in the sign indicated by the dates or not. And this becomes more important when the Sun is leaving one Sign and entering another Sign. In this case the Sun Sign of a person predicted just by considering his date and month of birth may not be his actual Sun Sign i.e the sign in which the Sun is placed in his horoscope or natal chart.

When it comes to horoscope matching for the purpose of marriage, the technique of Gun Milan given by Vedic Jyotish is so popular that most of people think that horoscope matching is just Gun Milan and nothing else. Hence these people get a gun Milan score from some astrologer or some website and based on this score, they decide the compatibility of horoscopes which are under consideration for horoscope matching. Over a period of many years, I have been telling most of my clients and many of my readers who are interested in horoscope matching, that the technique of gun Milan is a part of the process of horoscope matching and it is not the complete process in itself as this technique of gun Milan considers only some aspects of horoscope matching and it focuses on Moon alone among navagraha and rest of the planets are ignored in this process of gun Milan and therefore it is not complete in itself when it comes to horoscope matching as all the planets among navagraha are considered important in Vedic Jyotish and therefore due attention should be given to all navagraha while doing a horoscope matching for the purpose of marriage. In this article, we will discuss the limitations of Gun Milan technique and we will also discuss as to what steps and what aspects are important in the process of horoscope matching.

To start with the discussion,first discuss some limitations of the process called gun Milan which is widely used in India for the purpose of horoscope matching and most of the people believing and practicing in Vedic Jyotish still believe that Gun Milan is the only important thing to do in order to do a thorough horoscope matching or match making. In this process of gun Milan, the placement of Moon is recorded in a particular sign, nakshatra and the part or pada of the nakshatra at the time of birth of bride and groom and then based on the position of Moon in both of these horoscopes, a score for gun Milan is finalized where the maximum score is 36 and minimum acceptable score for Gun Milan is taken as 18 which means that if gun Milan score is less than 18, then the horoscope matching is not considered good and as this score of gun Milan goes higher, horoscope matching is considered to be better and better. The final score obtained through gun Milan is also called gunas which in simple terms means that if 18 is the score assigned according to gun Milan then it is said that 18 gunas are matching. This process of gun Milan considers 8 koots or aspects called Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha, Gan, Bhakut and Nadi for the purpose of assigning scores or gunas and these 8 koots are assigned 1 to 8 gunas respectively which makes a total of 36. Hence the final score obtained through this process of gun Milan is considered as the decisive criteria for deciding the fate of horoscope matching.

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