Curse Erasure Black Magic Spells

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Curse Erasure Black Magic Spells

Curse Erasure Black Magic Spells. Everyone is cursed to some extent, there are people around us repeatedly ill wishing things onto us; doctors and police officers have more time off work than anyone as they are in hostile or depressing environments, or targets of anger and fear. If someone curses you while they are filled with hatred, their ‘spell’ can cause you many problem. The cursing psychic energy will penetrate through different areas of your life at different speeds – curses can make you feel weak, tired and drained, and you will find bad luck is waiting for you around every corner. As time passes by, the curse grows and everything gets worse – many people don’t even realise they have been cursed, instead they imagine they are unlucky.

A Curse Erasure Spell is more that a spell to destroy a spell that has been cast on you, the living, psychic, curse energy has infiltrated your life – destroying the source will not destroy the damage done. My curse erasure spells suck out every fragments of a curse’s life. Spells being psychic energy do not have a past, present a future, they (a curse spell) therefore have already affected your future, spells are ‘timeless’ – fate too needs cleansing. Erasing curses is a big magical operation, a jet black, Black Magic Sugere Curse Spell will suck the life out of all curses, negativity and bad luck – your past, present and future will be curse free. The curse will not return or grow back, there will be no trace of it left. You will be fully protected.

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