Atma Chetna Sadhana

Atma Chetna Sadhana

Every Sadhana has a basic philosophy and without understanding this basic concept, the chances of complete success in Sadhana are minimal. Atma Chetna or “Inner Consciousness of Soul” is the basis for any Sadhana, and without this Atma Chetna, it is not possible to generate inner power or ‘Atmabal’. ‘Atmabal’ provides strength and power during the Sadhana. Anyone who has decided to perform any Sadhana for upliftment in life, should certainly perform “Atma Chetna ” Sadhana without fail.

Every Sadhana touches Atma Chetna (Self Consciousness) of Sadhak in some way. If a Sadhak has already performed this foundation Sadhana for AtmaChetna, then (s)he will imbibe and accumulate benefits of other Sadhanas faster. The energy of any Sadhana (any deity, God, Goddess, Apsara, Yakshini etc.) will concentrate more powerfully on its main point after interacting with Atma Chetna of Sadhak.

Any aspirant interested in using this Sadhana as a foundation basis for quicker success in other Sadhanas & areas should place a consecrateed and sanctified copper inscribed Atma Chetna Yantra in a copper plate on a white cloth on 15.3.98 or any Sunday morning. (s)He should sit facing East and should chant 11 rosary rounds of following Mantra using a specially consecrated and sanctified Atma Chetna rosary. Sadhak should wear white dhoti and sit on a white Asana. If possible light a ghee lamp, though it is not strictly necessary.

Om Hreem Soham Hreem Om

This Sadhana should be performed in early morning between 5 am and 6 am if possible. This process should be done regularly for 21 days. On the last day, place all Sadhana articles along with some dakshina (charity money) in a temple. However after performing this Sadhana, a Sadhak will himself feel energetic & comfortable. He will be able to sit continuously for 2-4 hours or more in any Sadhana without feeling any pain, discomfort or other problems.

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