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Vashikaran is such a Tantric action by which anyone can be hypnotized. Many things can be used in this verse. For example – someone’s name, photo, that person’s hair, clothes worn by that person etc. The simplest of them is the vashikaran by name, that is, some special actions are done by typing that name, so that the person starts doing your favorable behavior. If you want to take control of your name, then advise us and know how to get married.


How to get Vashikaran  by name

In this method, the name of the target person is written on paper, bhoj sabha or any object and some mantras are pronounced in a certain number. There are many tricks in which there is a need for special reactions with just writing the name. There is no need to utter a mantra in it. Below are some tricks / measures of both types –

The mantra for name

In this method some special mantras are also used along with the target person’s name. The details of such a few major uses are as follows – Use of this Vashikaran Mantra is good for lovers / lovers. If the relationship has worsened, if the break up has arrived, then please chant the 551 yantra of the mantra given by the following legislation –


Name Vascing Method-

First, gather some material, such as seven leaf leaves, vermilion, water. Now read the following mantra following continuous Sato Pan leaves for the next seven days starting from Friday-

Om Kalyim Krishna Namah

Combine some water in the vermilion next Saturday ie Saturday. Write the name of the one who is rescued on a leaf again. Now let the leaves of the leaves be 21 times above your head and throw them away somewhere in the deserted place. After that go to meet him.

On Saturday, go to the Kali Mandir and take a look at the Goddess from retirement. Place posture on a deserted place in the pre-selected place. Put two lemons, one emerald paper and vermilion together. Write your name on a lemon and write the name of the person targeted at the other lemon. Then write the name of that person 251 times with the green ink on the page of the paper. Now wrap the two lemons in the said paper and chant the following mantra 251 times-

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