Love Spells – Witchcraft

Secret Magic Love Spells like those found in the Book of Witchcraft are Private Spells that Spell Casting Circles use to Distinguish their Group or Circle.

The Spells used in the Book of Witchcraft allowed members of the Circles or Covens to recognize each other.

Essentially it was like a “Secret hand Shake” but with a Magic Spell Casting. The Book of Witchcraft contained special coded Spells that only certain casters knew of. At the time it was VERY IMPORTANT to keep the Book of Witchcraft and its Magic Spell Castings private.

Religious intolerance was very wide spread and people accused of using Witchcraft, Black Magic, Spell Casting, Astrology or any spiritual activity OTHER then what was accepted at the time was immediately deemed a witch or a person not of God and generally burned or put to death without a trial.