love spells white magic

While it’s always a good idea to look for white magic love spells when you are first trying out witchcraft, you should know that the whole “black magic vs. white magic” thing is not as much of an issue as you might think.

The main difference between white magic love spells and any other kind, is that you aren’t directing your spell at any one person in particular. It’s considered a black magic love spell if you cast it with someone in mind. If you ask me, you’re still influencing someone with magic, so I’m not sure there is any difference. But I’m just providing the spells here. Your ethics are up to you.


Moonlight Kiss Love Charm

Never underestimate the power of the moon when it comes to any kind of magic, especially white magic love spells. You’ll only need 3 things for this one:

  • Piece of rose quartz
  • Small silver bowl
  • Handful of pink or red rose petals

This ritual is performed on the night of the new moon (which means there will be no visible moon that night). Give the crystal a kiss, and set it in the bowl. Sprinkle the rose petals over it, and set it in a window for 7 days.

After the week is up, take the crystal and carry it with you to draw romance into your life. Leave the bowl of petals in the window until the next new moon.