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Mooladhara -“Foundation” or Root Chakra-Darduri Siddhi or Frog Jump Siddhi can occur. Can rise in the air by various degrees. Whatever one thinks will happen. There is memory of past life experiences. Security, inner purity, softness of the voice, the burning of all negative karma. The mind is conquered and success is easily obtained. Many obstacles are annihlated. When the Point of Awareness is in Mooladhara there will be great anger, and often clenched fists and tightened jaw. There may be violent or angry behavior often based on insecurity and fear. Security is of utmost importance when awareness is in Mooladhara, as is sleep and food. Discomfort is not tolerated well. Mooladhara sleeping pattern is often between ten & twelve hours, usually on the stomach.

Swadistana or “Dwelling Place of the Self” is often called the Second Chakra-Charisma, psychic powers, control of the senses is gained as is creative abilty. There is freedom from jealousy, greed, lust and anger. Relationships are perfected and there is a sense of deep inner peace- a flow. When the Point of Awareness is in Swadistana one may live in a fantasy world-thinking himself to be a king, a savior, invaluable, famous, a destroyer of evil, a reincarnation of a great being, superhuman or perhaps even an alien. He has high self esteem and is often very chivalrous. He may be artistic or love art, acting and costume. Desire for physical sensations, lust and fantasy are the obstacles as are restlessness, anxiety, confusion and delusion. Swadistana sleeping pattern is 8-10 hours often sleep in almost a fetal position.

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Manipura or “City of Gems” is the Third Chakra- Patala Siddhi or the Giver of Constant Happiness may occur. Disease is conquered. The Fire of Life burns brilliantly and there is excellent health and vitality. Time is conquered and he can become very long lived. He can discover cures for diseases and medicines, and there is a deep understanding of physiology. Egotism is gone. There can be the power to create and destroy, to make gold and find hidden treasures. Obstacles when Point of Awareness is in Manipura are a great desire for personal power, fame and recognition. There is a desire to manage or control others. When the Point of Awareness is in Manipura one will generally sleep 6-8 hours a night, often on the back. Most of adult humanity dwells in Manipura.

Anahata or “Unstricken” is the Fourth or Heart Chakra-the may be knowledge of past present and future. Clairaudience and clairvoyance often occurs. There is awareness of one’s karma. The effects of meditating on Anahata are considered to be esoteric. It is to be experience for oneself. When the kundalini and Point of Awareness meet in Anahata, the enlightenment experience of seeing God in everything (not a concept but the actual seeing)occurs. It is the state of a saint, prophet or mystic. There is a deep love of sound. Obstacles in Anahata are experiences of purgatory or spirit realms, restless wondering, boredom and emotional disturbance and fear. He may become a “spiritual window shopper” jumping from one tradition to anotherseeking liberation from his restlessness, lonliness or boredom. The Anahata sleeping pattern is often 4-6 hours a night sleeping on the left side.

Vishuddhi (“Pure”) Throat Chakra-Calmness Serenity, Purity, great command of speech and and understanding of dreams and philosophy. Master of the entire self. No longer a slave to the mind. Reasoning rises above the heart. He has broken the knot of compassion, of attachment to spiritual orders and to ancient ways. This chakras relates to the “Chit” or Cosmic Consciousness. Only knowledge is sought. Obstacles of the Point of Awareness in Vishuddhi are negative intellect which can occur from using knowledge unwisely. The one whose awareness is in Vissudhi generally sleeps from 4-6 hours. When the Point of Awareness and kundalini meet in Vishuddhi, the enlightenment experience common to Taoism occurs. It is a state of non-judgement where the commentary of the mind ceases. There is no interference with the experience. Reality presents itself as it is.

Ajnea (“Authority” or “Unlimited Power”) Brow Chakra- One receives benefits of all the chakras while meditation on Ajnea. Past life karma is destroyed and there is freedom from all conditioning. There is a freedom from attachments and appeasement of obsessions and desires. A continuous state of samadhi ( an experience of realized non-duality) may occur. There are visions of the past, present and future. Whatever is desired comes true. All internal and external changes no longer cause suffering. When the kundalini and Point of Awareness meet here, the state of enlightenment common to Buddhism is experienced. It is the state of non judgement of the previous chakra coupled with the realization of the dependently arising nature of the Universe. The entire Universe is seen in whatever is viewed. It is the quintessential “To see the Universe in a grain of sand.” There is an appeasement of all obsessions. Those with the Point of Awareness in Ajnea in Ajnea sleep little. Two hours or so a night. The sound that this chakra responds to is “Aum” chanted repeatedly in a specific way. And while it is perhaps instinctive for the seeker to want to immediately start working on this chakra, as the benefits meditating on all the chakras are experienced, be aware that it has long been observed chanting “Aum” repeatedly will transform a householder (homeowner) into a sanyasi (one who has renounced the world) or a beggar. It means this practice may impact your dwelling, family and possessions.

Sahasrara (“Thousand Petaled” or also called Shunya meaning “Empty” or “Void”)-The plane of happiness. There is no activity of the mind, no knower, no knowledge, nothing to be known. Knowledge, knower and known become one. There is liberation of the senses. Emotions and desires dissolve. Union is attained. There is no sense of seperate existence as long as in physical body. All siddhis are obtained, but this individual has no desire to use those siddhis. When the Point of Awareness and kundalini merge at Sahasrara enlightenment experience common to Hinduism is experienced. There is no separation between the experience and the experiencer. You are what you see. The ancients called this state “Aham Bramhasmin.”, meaning “I am That” or “I am this whole process called the Universe.”

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